Newest illustration “Social (Me)dia,” wins juried exhibition award

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“Social (Me)dia”

Winner of the Figurative award 🥇 in the Beverly Arts Center’s 41st Annual Juried Exhibition


Erik Sorensen Art on Cover of StreetWise Magazine, Father’s Day Issue

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If you’re in the Chicago area, and care to pick up a copy, the Father’s Day issue came out today. Hope you get a chance to check it out in physical form!


Erik Sorensen Art on Cover of StreetWise Magazine, Mother’s Day Issue

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If you happen to be in downtown Chicago this week, I hope you get the chance to check out some new artwork I did for the Mother’s Day Issue of StreetWise Magazine. More artwork is on the way this month, as well!


Erik Sorensen Art On Cover Of StreetWise Magazine Again

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Hey, all! The Christmas issue of StreetWise magazine came out today and I’m hoping you’ll pick up a copy somewhere in the city to check out some new artwork, including the cover (as seen above!) Thanks everyone, and Merry Christmas to you all.


Erik Sorensen Art in StreetWise Magazine

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Chicagoans, pick up a copy of StreetWise Magazine almost anywhere in the loop from an authorized Street Wise vendor to check out some new illustrations (including the cover)!

Erik Sorensen Art in UR Chicago Magazine

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Holistic Health Mag


URchicagoLayout4 copy


Technology Mag







My book is also available in online retailers!

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Click the image below to purchase online!

redridinghoodSCREENSHOTtarget copy


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For those of you that haven’t yet visited my “.com” webpage, please go ahead and check it out. I plan on revamping the site sometime in the new year and would like people to see it before it changes.

This layout is the very first site for myself and is a labor of love. I designed the site myself and went through a ton of trouble just to make it a reality. Haha.
Lesson learned: What can go wrong on the computer – will go wrong on the computer.

Hope ya get a chance to check it out before it changes forever and ever!

Welcome to the Official Erik Sorensen Art Blog!

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